Secretary – Dr. Shingairai Masango

Dr Shinga Masango is a Senior Lecturer in International Business at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Her research interests focus on the internationalisation of young high technology firms, and more specifically: International Entrepreneurial Opportunity Development (IEOpD);the role of prior individual level experiences; interpersonal and organisational network tie formation and resource fungibility in Early Rapidly Internationalising Small Firms (ERISFs). Shinga has developed the concept of International Entrepreneurial Opportunity Development (IEOpD) that incorporates enablers and outputs in ERISF internationalisation. She teaches on international business modules at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research has been published in international journals such as International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal and edited books such as Success and Challenges of Emerging Economy Multinationals and Impacts of Emerging Economies and Firms on International Business.