Constitution and By-Laws



The organization shall be designated the Academy of International Business Sub-Saharan Africa Chapter, abbreviated as AIB-SSA. Sub-Saharan Africa is a distinct geographical region comprising AIB members working or residing within. The offices of the AIB-SSA are located at the address of the AIB-SSA Chapter Chair, or as designated by the AIB-SSA Chapter Chair.


To promote the teaching and research of all areas of international business, within the framework of the worldwide AIB, and to act as a forum for the development and exchange of views on issues in international business, mainly by means of the AIB-SSA Annual Conference and official publishing.


All members in-good-standing of the Academy of International Business who reside and/or work within Sub Saharan Africa are also members of the AIB-SSA. Members of the AIB who reside and/or work elsewhere will be admitted to membership of the AIB-SSA if their preference is for affiliation to the latter and this is feasible within the IAB system. Members of the AIB-SSA are subject to the Constitution and By-laws of the parent AIB organization. There shall be no separate levy of membership dues for Chapter membership in the AIB-SSA except for special categories like Institutions and Sponsors. All elected officers of the AIB-SSA must be AIB members in-good-standing, whose primary Chapter affiliation is with the Academy of International Business in Sub-Saharan Africa.


An annual meeting of the membership of the AIB-SSA – termed AIB-SSA Members’ Meeting – shall be held at such time and place as determined by the Chapter Executive Committee.


The governance of the AIB-SSA will be vested in the Chapter Executive Committee, which shall include the following officers: Chapter Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; Treasurer; Conference Chair; Membership Secretary and Past Conference Organizers and Past Chapter Chairs.

Candidates for election to the Executive Committee must be in-good-standing, and shall be proposed and seconded by members. The Chapter Executive Committee shall ensure that policies of the AIB-SSA Chapter are consistent with the Constitution and By-laws. A majority of the Chapter Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum at official meetings. All the office bearers are elected for a period of three years, renewable once.

Election of all Executive Committee members (other than the ex officio positions of Past Conference Chairs and Past Chapter Chairs) shall take place by an electronic/physical ballot of the AIB-SSA’s voting members. The voting members will be informed of vacancies at the commencement of the Annual Conference, and elections will take place at the AIB-SSA Members’ Meeting.

Student and institutional members are not eligible to hold positions on the Chapter Executive Committee. The duties of each Office are specified separately in the By-laws of this Chapter. The Chapter Executive Committee shall determine policies of the AIB-SSA consistent with the Constitution and By-laws.


Amendment of the Constitution shall be effected by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast by the membership in response to an electronically mailed ballot or during the AIB-SSA Members’ Meeting. Membership shall be judged to include the members with voting rights as prescribed in Article III, who are in-good-standing 60 days prior to the date of mailing the ballot.

Proposals to amend the Constitution will be mailed to the membership when endorsed in writing by at least fifteen members, or endorsed by a majority of the members in attendance at the Annual Meeting, or endorsed by a majority of the Chapter Executive Committee. An amendment that is in conflict with the Constitution and By-laws of the parent organization (AIB) will not be forwarded for vote without the explicit consent of the AIB Executive Board.



  1. Membership

Members in-good-standing of the Academy of International Business who selects the AIB-SSA as their chapter of primary affiliation may affiliate with other regional Chapters of the Academy, but they may vote in only one Chapter in a calendar year.

  1. Duties of Chapter Officers


  1. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the AIB-SSA Chapter.
  2. The Chair shall be responsible for direction of the Chapter, supervising the functions of all other officers.
  3. The Chair will submit the Minutes of at least two Executive Committee Meetings and the Annual Members’ Meeting and a written annual report of the Chapter’s activities to the AIB Executive Secretary, no later than three weeks prior to the AIB Annual Meeting.

b.Vice Chair

  1. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair with all responsibilities.
  2. In the Chair’s absence, the Vice Chair shall perform the Chair’s duties.


  1. The Secretary will prepare agendas and minute in all meetings of the AIB-SSA Chapter, and undertake other secretarial activities as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.


The Treasurer shall handle all financial transactions of the AIB-SSA Chapter, including the preparation of budgets for approval by the Executive Committee and the AIB-SSA Chapter at the Annual Meeting and a statement of the Chapter’s financial position for submission, through the Chair, to the AIB.

e.Conference Chair

  1. The Conference Organizer shall, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, be responsible for all Conference activities and shall liaise with the Membership Secretary.
  2. The Conference Organizer shall produce full Proceedings of the Conference.

f.Past Conference Chair (s)

Past Conference Chair (s) shall assist and support the Conference Chair and the Membership Secretary with all program responsibilities.

g.Membership Secretary

  1. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for regular liaison with existing members and for the recruitment of new members.
  2. The particular responsibility of the Membership Secretary shall be to draw up guidelines for the AIB-SSA conference organization and to ensure continuity in organization from year to year.

3.AIB-SSA Members’ Meeting

This is held annually during the AIB-SSA Annual Conference. Its formal role is to approve the reports of the Chair, to elect members of the Executive Committee as appropriate, amend the By-Laws and to make recommendations for improving the operations of the AIB-SSA Chapter.

4.Executive Committee Meetings

Meetings to be held at least twice a year. One of these will take place during the AIB- SSA Annual Conference.

5.Annual Conference

  1. Proposals for venues for following years’ meetings are requested at the AIB-SSA Members’ Meeting. Where possible, a decision on at least the following year’s meeting will be communicated at the Members’ Meeting. Otherwise, bids will be requested, with a decision being taken by the Executive Committee.
  2. The Conference Organizer and the Conference Program Chair will, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, be responsible for all conference activities. The Conference Fee is approved by the Executive Committee.

6. Committees

  1. The Chapter Executive Committee shall form Standing Committees whenever needed. The Chapter Chair shall be an ex officio member of all such committees and may delegate
  2. responsibilities to others. The Executive Committee may appoint any member of the AIB-SSA Chapter to serve on any specific Standing Committee. The term of office for members of the Standing Committees shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

7.Funding of AIB-SSA Activities

A fiscal budget will be put together and agreed upon by the Executive Committee. The AIB- SSA Chapter will operate accordingly to stay within the budget under normal circumstances. A fee will be charged for the yearly conferences, with attention to maintaining affordability for members. Universities and international companies in the region will be offered the opportunity to market themselves in the AIB-SSA annual conferences.

8.Payment of AIB Dues

Payment to be made to AIB headquarters, USA.

9.Reports to the AIB Secretariat

The Minutes of the two Executive Committee meetings and the annual Members’ Meeting shall be submitted to AIB Headquarters, along with a written annual report of the Chapter’s activities.

10.Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall coincide with that of the parent organization of the Academy of International Business.

11. Amendment of By-laws

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for proposing amendments to the AIB-SSA By-laws, and approval of such changes shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast by the AIB-SSA members in response to a ballot that will be sent to each member via postal or electronic mail.